Kunstverein Wiesen

KuWi e.V.

Kunstverein Wiesen – KuWi – is the youngest institution of its kind – drawing on a deeply rooted tradition of the German Kunstverein model which reaches back more than 200 years.

Stemming out of a profound interest in the production of culture, KuWi serves as an innovative platform for contemporary art prewrite reflective essay outline and its discourses. KuWi acts as a politically autonomous and economically relatively independent institution, which enables artistic and curatorial experiments that are not tied to a given scheme of interests.

The program is oriented internationally and at the same strongly committed to its local roots and the artistic and cultural production on site. Located outside the metropolitan area of Frankfurt am Main in the ancient walls of Schloss Wiesen – the oldest building of the North Spessart – KuWi aims at creating new pathways and tying new networks between the rural and the metropolitan through art and culture.

At the same time it scrutinizes existing exhibition structures, encourages its debates and advances new configurations to actively take part in the production of contemporary culture.

Not only its location but also the building make KuWi unique of its kind. This partly wild and raw architecture offers new and distinct modes of display for artists and curators.

KuWi was founded by Friedrich Gräfling and Johanna Stemmler in 2014.

The Building

Schloss Wiesen is a former hunting castle, built between the late Middle Ages and the modern age. The building is situated in what leadership means to me essay the settlement Wiesen in Bavaria and was built by the Great Elector of Mainz, Wolfgang von Dalberg in 1597.